Few practical methods for making money.

These days, musicians generally have more control over their destiny than in times past. Depending on your genre and work style, you can write, record, distribute, and promote your music yourself, as long as you use the right tools at your disposal (most of which are affordable!).

Of course, the times we’re in also present significant challenges for musicians. With the domination of music streaming, selling CDs isn’t near the profitable venture it once was. And though live performances are kicking back into gear in most areas of the country. Some states and cities are beginning to tighten the reins again, removing the option of playing live shows.

Therefore, no matter where you live, it’s critical to create some predictability for your career so that you can build on solid ground. This means that it’s time to start thinking about how you can diversify your revenue streams. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these practical ideas from Guda Drum:

Live Streaming

Even if live shows are coming back to your area, producing live streams can still be an excellent source of revenue. Viewers of live streams are not bound by geographic location, so you can perform for people in all corners of the globe—in many places that would be difficult to tour. Along with promoting your brand, live streams can also generate extra income if you sell tickets to your events and/or set up online tip jars.

Building a YouTube Presence

One of the most beneficial marketing strategies you can use as a musician is to create a YouTube channel. On that channel, you can reach a worldwide audience with the video content you post. Whether it’s a live concert, music video, lyric video, promotional video. Also any other type of video content, focusing your time and energy on building your YouTube presence can prove well worthwhile and quickly garner you a lot of new fans.

Another perk of running a YouTube channel is that you can get paid from ads. Essentially, if one of your videos — or any video on another channel that uses your music, runs ads — YouTube will pay part of the ad revenue to whoever owns the rights to the song.


Teaching music lessons is perhaps the most practical tip on this list. Virtual lessons were gaining traction for years before the pandemic even hit because they add convenience for teachers and students alike.  And os course they’re also more cost-effective. If you have a desire to teach other individuals, research how to create a curriculum or lesson plan, and use an efficient platform for managing your schedule, lesson content, and other elements.

Becoming a Freelancer

Another option is to pad your income by becoming a freelancer. Whether you’re a hired musician, composer, songwriter, singer, or producer, you can sign up on online job boards to get your name out there. Potential clients can find and hire you for various tasks and projects. Also, consider other freelance jobs that you might be able to take on, even if they are not related to music. Web design, blog writing, and virtual assistance are some of the most common jobs fulfilled in the gig economy.

If you’re planning to freelance, consider setting yourself up as a limited liability company. With an LLC, you’ll gain certain tax advantages and be protected from potential litigation. The easiest way to register your LLC is to work with a formation service like Zenbusiness.

A career in music requires a lot of passion because it can be difficult to make a solid income. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t lay a stable foundation upon which to build a successful career. Consider the ideas above for adding new revenue streams that can prove beneficial long after the pandemic ends. And of course, keep practicing and perfecting your craft so that you will be prepared for every opportunity that comes your way!

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Dmitrii Gubarev – the author and the creator of unique musical instrument GUDA – knows firsthand what it means to face people without honor and conscience. This is the story of Dmitrii Gubarev’s interaction with the company “Zen Percussion”, which once densely intertwined in his creative life. But let’s make the facts speak for themselves first.

The history of the creation of the GUDA drums dates back to the already distant 2013 in Svitlovodsk. It was then that Dmitrii Gubarev (who later named the resulting instrument as the abbreviation for his name and surname) created the first, at that time far from perfect, large petal drum with overtones.

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For those who desire to play cosmic, meditative melodies with just a touch of their fingers GUDA DRUM is an amazing opportunity to make the dream come true. You won’t believe it, but you are able to play and enjoy meditation music even without any previous practice or training. There’s only you and the magical instrument GUDA DRUM on your way to relaxation and self-discovery.

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Everyone is familiar with the fact that there is no sound in space. But, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the sound of GUDA is the dark depths of the boundless space of stasis. Being meditative, cold it helps to find yourself among the megalopolis noise. You reach Zen.

The tranquility, the firmness and sensuality are the epithets used to describe music that is created by GUDA Drum. The energy, with which it fills, spreads throughout the body and creates a powerful burst of inspiration for the new challenges and fulfilments. At the same time, giving absolute, infallible belief in you.

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Dmitriy Gubarev is a true artist and musician. Born in Ukraine, Svitlovodsk, he always had a passion for native music, symbols, culture, art and was always dreaming to make his own musical instruments.

As with many artists, Dmitry had to work a full-time job (as an industrial alpinist!) and his daily job meant he had to climb high towers and huge buildings to provide technical services of many kinds. On the night time thought and all of the weekends he would work on his dream to make his Tongue drums (officially GUDA Drums) and all this was also combined with the family life, as Dmitry had and still has a wonderful wife and a beautiful little daughter who was a toddler back then.

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Everyone has their own favorite music and each musician as a rule has their favorite instrument. But what if you are willing to play, but didn’t have a chance to learn how to play any instrument? For the latter there’s a perfect way to master HANDPAN, which gives a unique opportunity to express yourself, to get a chance to experience the feeling of being a musician, and have an opportunity to release the tune of your soul.

Exclusive metal drum GUDA, made by hand, will help you with this. The instrument has several variations: GUDA standard, GUDA hybrid, GUDA mini. It consists of two metal hemispheres; at the top there is a small hole to increase the volume. There are also located semicircular petals, which serve as the source of the sound vibrations. A lower hemisphere amplifies the resulting resonance.

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After work, people often want to relax, get rid of bad thoughts and release positive energy. Everyone has their own “oasis”, each resting in their own way.

For some it’s clubs and discos; for others solitude with nature, communication with children, an interesting film, music. And for some, it’s playing favorite music instrument – HANDPAN. We recommend you to combine several pleasantness together, as, for example, combining nature and the sound of your favorite tunes of GUDA.

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Do you feel the need to relax? Are you in a search of music instrument for relaxation? Are you an active, creative personality, constantly discovering and experimenting with something new? Do you like music? How about HANDPAN? These are the musical instruments, the source of sound of which is their “body” and hand tapping. There are many varieties of handpans, they are all unique in their own way, as well as GUDA.

On our site you will find and buy the exclusive authoring instrument GUDA. It is difficult to define to which kind of instruments it belongs to, it is unique in its nature; it consists of two metal hemispheres, and is a great device to use for relaxation.

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“Is it a sound of bells or a handpan?” – You might wonder when you for the first time hear that enchanting melody. Our answer would be “No! Guess no more”. This is the sound of a music instrument, which does not stop to improve and transform, named GUDA.

Its mesmerizing melody moves you into an entirely different world of being, full of love and fertility, the perfect music for meditation. You feel that the body gradually relaxes, the warm wave envelops you, the thoughts go away and there comes an easy flight. What you receive in the end is the process of healing of body and soul.

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