GUDA drum MINI Overton “Dream Catcher”



Stainless steel
Steel thickness: 0.06 inch (1.5 mm)
d = 13.78 inch (35 cm)
h = 3.94 inch (10 cm)
weight = 4.409 lb (2 kg)
Handmade engraving

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Product Description

GUDA drum MINI with Overtones of Dream Catcher design.
available scales for this instrument:

Egyptian: A C D F G A C D
African: A C D E G A C D
Arcane: A C D E F G A C
Rainbow: A B C# D E G A B
Lalanta: A B C# D E F# G A
Hijazz: A Bb C# D E F G A
Ayaziska: A Bb C D E F G A
Equinox A C# D E F# G# A C#

Custom Scale on request

Handmade engraving

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Additional Information

Weight 2 kg