GUDA drum MINI Overtone “Dream Catcher” with rope decoration

Mini Overtone Dream Catcher
Mini Overtone Dream Catcher


Small handpan, steel tongue drum, tank drum, petal drum
Stainless steel

Steel thickness: 0.06 inch (1.5 mm)
d = 13.78 inch (35 cm)
h = 3.94 inch (10 cm)
weight = 4.409 lb (2 kg)
Handmade engraving


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Unique MINI Overtone Dream Catcher has pure high quality sound.

Recommended scales for this model:

Arcana A C D E F G A C
Equinox A C# D E F# G# A C#

Other scales
I can tune instruments in a range of G3 to D5, so, you can order an individual scale.

About GUDA drum MINI Overtone Dream Catcher

MINI Overtone Dream Catcher is ideal for traveling, walking and just everywhere to accompany its owner. Firstly, professional musicians will appreciate high-quality surround sound. Secondly, beginners be able intuitiv begin exploring the possibilities of the healing effects of sound vibrations. Gentle tones help relax during meditation and yoga. Like all my instruments, it is made with love by the hands of a stainless steel craftsman.

I make this MINI Overtone model in the classic version with an engraved thin pattern on a brown background. Brown color is thin oxide film after heat treatment of the instrument. Also I can make an etched slightly voluminous pattern – thanks to the my own author etching technique. On the other hand MINI Overtone Dream Catcher could has powder coating in different colors: white, black, azure, violet and others.

The instrument consists from two hemispheres made from 1,5 mm steel. Eight oval-shaped tongues are located at the upper hemisphere. The lower hemisphere has no holes and serves as the amplifier of the resonance.
In addition, innovation consists in the method of tuning. Manipulation and forging of the tongue causes very intresting effect – one tongue produces 2 notes instead of one: main tone+overtone, which is commonly tuned +1 octave. As a result this is effect makes sound more volumetric and deep.


A mounted and framed dreamcatcher is being used as a shared symbol of hope and healing. All engraved drawings I make with my own hands by a metal engraver. That is why every GUDA drum MINI Overtone Dream Catcher looks unique. The engraver removes the top brown oxide layer from the metal and leaves behind a silvery line.


I need about two weeks to manufacture your GUDA drum.

I ship worldwide. Express shipping take up to 10 days. Check shipping rates.

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Weight 2 kg