GUDA drum freezbee without engraving



GUDA drum Mini.
Without engraving.
You can order a scale of Arcana or Equinox.

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Product Description

GUDA drum freezbee without engraving.

Tongue drum, Handpan, unique music instrument, steel tongue drum, petal drum from Dmitrii Gubarev

This model of GUDA drum is small and light, with unique clean “wooden” sound.

Stainless steel
Steel thickness: 0.06 inch (1.5 mm)
d = 13.78 inch (35 cm)
h = 3.94 inch (10 cm)
weight = 4.409 lb (2 kg)

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Additional Information

Weight 2 kg

video of GUDA drum MINI by scale Equinox

video of GUDA drum MINI by scale arcana