General questions about GUDA

GUDA – is a finely tuned musical instrument of resonant type, made of stainless steel, designed to play on it with hands, while it is on the lap of a player.

GUDA is a responsive and expressive musical instrument. The sound quality is manifested in proportion to the growing skill of the player. He has no “wrong notes” and is designed for intuitive improvisation and meditative study. Read more in the ‘History’ section.

The size of ‘standard GUDA’ and ‘hybrid GUDA’ models are about 50 cm in diameter and 20-22 cm in height. GUDA mini is 35 and 10 cm respectively.

Standard and hybrid GUDA models weigh about 3.7 kg., GUDA mini – approx. 2 kg.

The instrument has a natural metal color hue after the thermal oxidation process, while using refined oils.

We do not recommend painting the instrument. The usage of paint will lead to undesirable changes in tone, and can affect the life time of the instrument.

All the possible sound patterns you can check out at our website under ‘Sound’ section [reference].

We constantly study sound patterns that perform best on the instrument, and maybe soon they will appear in the list of possible settings.

Yes, but only after consultation with the master on the details.

You can also order a special backpack – soft bag, to protect the instrument from damage in case of transportation, as well as the decorative binding of the instrument, that serves to protect the edge of your GUDA from damage while playing on it.

Yes, definitely! Do not stick or write anything on the GUDA, it will make the instrument sound worse.

No! Of course not. GUDA- is a musical instrument for everyone, whether you are a musician or not. The instrument is initially tuned in the way that it’s impossible to play ‘wrong sound’.

Yes, under normal conditions of playing the instrument, the warranty period is one year.

We do not give formal guarantees as such, because it is a simple device that does not contain small parts or moving mechanisms.

For safety reasons simply keep the instrument from bumps and the falls from height; tune it from time to time to keep it in perfect condition.

Damage by an accident will not be refunded by us. We sincerely hope that nothing like that will happen with your instrument.

Unfortunately, we do not have such a possibility.

No. Hood is a tool made from start to finish by hand. Thereby, the demand for GUDA instruments is always above our ability to produce them.

We use the services of the international air delivery EMC. This is the fastest and most reliable way for delivery. If you do not hurry and would like to reduce the cost of the delivery, it is possible to use other operators providing similar services.

The instrument comes in solidly reinforced cardboard box with the sealant. Our packaging is strong enough, so there is no need to order additional protection.

Yes, if you choose a soft bag or binding as an accessory, it does not require any additional cost for shipping charges. The exact cost varies depending on the destination and the current prices of the delivery service. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Care, maintenance and repair

No. The shipping is charged separately.

The default setting is free of charge; you have to pay for the shipping costs only.

Repair costs depend on the level of the injury, but simple repairs can be qualified as the setting and be done for free.

The optimal temperature is the standard indoors temperature, but we understand that it is not always possible. Try at all costs to avoid sharp high and low temperatures. Try to protect GUDA from direct sunlight, especially while playing, as the strong heat may temporarily detune your instrument.

It is best to avoid direct sunlight, especially while playing; sudden changes in temperature on the surface of the instrument may temporarily change the setting (but it will return to normal when the instrument cools down!).
We recommend that you keep GUDA in a safe place away from small children, large animals, or accidentally falling objects. It is recommended to keep the instrument in a soft bag to prevent from dust or humidity.

GUDA is made of stainless steel, and therefore the instrument itself does not corrode. The art coating of the instrument in a very small extent is exposed to the aggressive environment though. To combat the humidity, we recommend placing the desiccant packet in a bag with your GUDA.

For cleaning the instrument after playing on it, use the natural cloth soaked with ballistol or natural refined oil. You can possibly use such sprays as the VD40 or their analogues.

DO NOT use water or alcohol to clean the instrument!

In fact there are many factors that contribute to this. Usually, under conditions of normal use, the instrument preserves its initial tuning for more than one year.
If you have any questions related to GUDA, ​​and you cannot find answers in our list, feel free to contact us and I will answer all your questions.