Greetings to all fans of melodic harmonious sound.
I’m Dmitrii Gubarev, the author and a passionate creator of the original GUDA instrument. Searching of my authentic sound and creating of the first musical instrument took a long time and a huge amount of experiments. I sincerely hope that my creation will appeal to the other fans of harmonious sound.
You can easily find everything you wanted to know about the GUDA instrument on the pages of my website (please don’t judge it strictly). The only thing that matters in the end is the unique sound of GUDA.


Sole creator of GUDA
Official site


Welcome to the shop of unique authoring Guda musical instruments. On my site you can get detailed information about this instrument, know the history of its creation, get acquainted with its author. In the section shop you can see available for sale models. Use any convenient for you means of communication that published on the page contacts.

Handpan, steel tongue drum, hand drum, pantam and steel tongue pan are relatively new concepts in the constantly improving world of music. But, nevertheless, they have been heard for several years by music lovers and collectors of musical instruments from all over the world.

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