Bag for small GUDA drum

Bag for small Guda drum
Bag for small Guda drum


Bag-backpack for GUDA drum Freezbee, MINI Overtone, MINI Overtone Plus, Quinta.

anti-shock soft and durable case for drum, handpan bag, handpan backpack, gig bag

d = 15 inch (37 cm)


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Travel cary bag for small GUDA drum, case for small GUDA drum, Protection for drum, Safety case for drum.

Anti-shock soft and durable bag for drum, handpan bag, gig bag, protection bag.

Bright, beautiful and very comfortable Bag has been specially designed to carry steel drums.

Bag for small Guda drum has:

* Soft shock resistant housing (+ Protect body FPE (Foam polyethylene)
Shockproof FPE (thickness 8mm ) will not only provide protection for your instrument against the sharp edges and soften a possible fall, and will be a good warm clothing during the cold season.)

* The special durable high quality fabric for bags and backpacks

* Roomy zippered pocket

* Bright lining

* Belts durable, wear-resistant for easy carrying on the shoulders

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Weight 0.5 kg

Blue with lime