GUDA drum MINI Overtone Plus “Metatron’s Cube” with rope decoration

Overtone Plus Metatron's Cube
Overtone Plus Metatron's Cube
Overtone Plus Metatron's Cube


Small handpan, steel tongue drum, tank drum, petal drum with nine petals
Stainless steel
Steel thickness: 0.06 inch (1.5 mm)
d = 13.78 inch (35 cm)
h = 3.94 inch (10 cm)
weight = 4.409 lb (2 kg)
Handmade engraving


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Overtone Plus Metatron’s Cube is like a popular MINI Overtone, but it has one additional central note, so total are nine petals and more sound.

Recommended scales for this model:

Arcana (F) A C D E F G A C
Equinox (F#) A C# D E F# G# A C#

Other scales

I work a lot and experiment with drums. In addition to the expansion of the GUDA model range, one of the examples of improvement is that I managed to expand the range of the instrument notes and make the central note more bass and low. Now I’m setting up mini-oventon plus in the range of E3 to D5

About GUDA drum MINI Overtone Plus Metatron’s Cube

My innovation consists in the method of tuning. Very interesting effect manipulation and forging of the tongue causes – one tongue produces 2 notes instead of one: main tone+overtone, which is commonly tuned +1 octave.This is effect makes sound more volumetric and deep.

Overtone Plus Metatron’s Cube has designed specifically for travel. It easy to take with you to nature, to a car or plane. MINI Overtone Plus is lightweight and compact. However, it has a very rich and full-bodied sound. The instrument consists from two hemispheres made from 1,5 mm steel. Nine oval-shaped tongues located at the upper hemisphere. The lower hemisphere has no holes and serves as the amplifier of the resonance.


Please pay attention to the especially unique appearance of theOvertone Plus Metatron’s Cube due to the design by hand engraving. I use a metal engraver and do all the drawings by hand. Most of the drawings are my author’s sketches transferred to metal. Therefore, the drum will have exclusivity and invested love and work in every stroke of the drawing.


I need about two weeks to manufacture your GUDA drum.

I ship worldwide. Express shipping take up to 10 days. Check shipping rates.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg