The diversity of GUDA DRUM

For those who desire to play cosmic, meditative melodies with just a touch of their fingers GUDA DRUM is an amazing opportunity to make the dream come true. You won’t believe it, but you are able to play and enjoy meditation music even without any previous practice or training. There’s only you and the magical instrument GUDA DRUM on your way to relaxation and self-discovery.

GUDA DRUM is unique and it is difficult to attribute it to any specific group of instruments. That’s why it became rather popular at music festivals, as well as among fans of yoga music. The timbre of this idiophonic drum relaxes, soothes you and at the same time its galactic sounds heal entire you and tune you with the Planet resonance.

The GUDA Steel Drums instrument consists of two metal hemispheres, in one of which there is an opening for the volume of sound. There also are semicircular petals, due to which the sound oscillations occur with a slight finger tap.

All the musical instruments by GUDA are easy to use; they are deep in sound for all rhythms and states of soul and mind. For example, GUDA HYBRID and GUDA STANDART have already become an icon of this project. With the care for those who lead an active lifestyle, engaged in yoga and fans of yoga music, the author Dmitry Gubarev came up with a light version of the metal drum – HULA MINI DRUM. This musical plate is convenient for transportation and will be the highlight of any trip.

All GUDA DRUMS are exclusive, and the author’s carefully created Handmade engraving gives uniqueness to each instrument. Every metal drum has its own advantages, features of sound and tonality, design and name. Choose what you like. Not sure which one suits you best? Just contact us and we’ll give any help at any time.

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