GUDA Drum – music for meditation

Everyone has their own favorite music and each musician as a rule has their favorite instrument. But what if you are willing to play, but didn’t have a chance to learn how to play any instrument? For the latter there’s a perfect way to master HANDPAN, which gives a unique opportunity to express yourself, to get a chance to experience the feeling of being a musician, and have an opportunity to release the tune of your soul.

Exclusive metal drum GUDA, made by hand, will help you with this. The instrument has several variations: GUDA standard, GUDA hybrid, GUDA mini. It consists of two metal hemispheres; at the top there is a small hole to increase the volume. There are also located semicircular petals, which serve as the source of the sound vibrations. A lower hemisphere amplifies the resulting resonance.

A musical instrument like this can be mastered by anyone. Lovers of music for meditation will certainly appreciate it. Light GUDA mysterious timbre takes you to oblivion, releases from negative thoughts and emotions. The mild wave of relaxation passes through the entire body, leaving a slight tingling sensation in the fingers` cushions. The state of mind, which you gain by playing GUDA Drum is difficult to express in words, you just need to try it.

Drums for meditation GUDA are available on our website in different types and models. They are exclusive, each has their own advantages, their sound. We will help you set them up, and give a guarantee for the efficiency of each GUDA instrument, unless of course you do not damage them mechanically by yourself.

“Is it the light sound of bells ringing or a handpan?” – You might wonder when you hear the sound of GUDA. This music instrument has its own charisma and its melody. People, who have already tried playing HANDPAN, will strongly enjoy our instrument. Above that all it`s yoga music, yoga love – music for meditation.


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