Relaxing with GUDA

After work, people often want to relax, get rid of bad thoughts and release positive energy. Everyone has their own “oasis”, each resting in their own way.

For some it’s clubs and discos; for others solitude with nature, communication with children, an interesting film, music. And for some, it’s playing favorite music instrument – HANDPAN. We recommend you to combine several pleasantness together, as, for example, combining nature and the sound of your favorite tunes of GUDA.

The author of this instrument took care of those who love to travel, who often spends time outdoors. GUDA drum mini – ideal for the road. It is small, weighs only 2 kg, and will not be a burden on the road, but on the contrary, it will be a highlight of any trip.

Light hand blows on metal areas free the body from stiffness and fatigue. They make instrument sound in unison with soul, so that you get the understanding that each of us is the only and unique. Music for meditation – that’s what produces anyone who touches the metal drum GUDA. The gentle breath of wind blows zen music far into the distance, opening up new ways for relaxation.

You can order GUDA mini overtone on our website. When buying the instrument on our site you receive 100% guarantee from the original author, and a nice bonus becomes his free setting up. Each GUDA is unique in its own way; a part of the soul of the author, who is trying to give the best for music lovers, is embedded in to each instrument. Enjoy it.

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