GUDA – yoga music

Do you feel the need to relax? Are you in a search of music instrument for relaxation? Are you an active, creative personality, constantly discovering and experimenting with something new? Do you like music? How about HANDPAN? These are the musical instruments, the source of sound of which is their “body” and hand tapping. There are many varieties of handpans, they are all unique in their own way, as well as GUDA.

On our site you will find and buy the exclusive authoring instrument GUDA. It is difficult to define to which kind of instruments it belongs to, it is unique in its nature; it consists of two metal hemispheres, and is a great device to use for relaxation.

For those, who think, that yoga is their lifestyle will be able to discover new world with GUDA drum. Meditation music frees you from the past, from the negative emotions experienced in recent years; it gives a positive energy charge. Relaxed body, joy, peace of mind, a state of weightlessness – all this you get playing our instrument. Your body will open up and release its secrets with the help of drum for meditation GUDA, you only need to play and listen.

You can enjoy playing GUDA on your own or it would be a great idea to have a GUDA party with friends. Each instrument: GUDA overtone, GUDA mini, GUDA hybrid has its own unique sound, but which is best – can be only decided by you.

The author puts positive energy into each instrument he creates; he is constantly in search of new sounds. Drums GUDA may be different in weight and volume, but all the models possess perfect sound. We thoroughly set-up all the instruments and give quality assurance.

The world of love, harmony, tranquility can be created by each of us and it is important to find space and time to meditate in order to recognize what you really need in this life.

Enjoy playing GUDA and give love to your close people.


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