Relaxation with GUDA original instrument

“Is it a sound of bells or a handpan?” – You might wonder when you for the first time hear that enchanting melody. Our answer would be “No! Guess no more”. This is the sound of a music instrument, which does not stop to improve and transform, named GUDA.

Its mesmerizing melody moves you into an entirely different world of being, full of love and fertility, the perfect music for meditation. You feel that the body gradually relaxes, the warm wave envelops you, the thoughts go away and there comes an easy flight. What you receive in the end is the process of healing of body and soul.

GUDA is pretty young among musical instruments. It has the form of two metal hemispheres, which are interconnected. A small hole in the centre of the upper hemisphere amplifies the sound and the semi-circular lobes create its swing. As a result you receive an unusual timbre, strong and vivid sound. All of the GUDA types, such as GUDA standard, GUDA mini overton, GUDA hybrid are authentic in their own way and each possesses some specific kind of musical charm. Each of them is perfect for relaxation, as well as for yoga classes.

You can play this instrument even without musical training. All you need is that your hands come into contact with the metal and thus the unique music of the soul is created. It’s an unspeakable pleasure to meditate with GUDA. “I see, I touch, I hear…” – the process of playing this instrument involves sensory, tactile, auditory receptors, through which opens the world of magic and unfulfilled dreams. Make a wish, meditate, do good things.

Alive GUDA music always stimulates a positive, good mood and has the ability to bring out of minor tones almost everyone!

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